A Simple Yet Powerful Tab Manager for Chrome

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Latest: 1.1.0 - Aug. 2, 2018

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Key Features

The Tabli Popup

The core functionality of Tabli is a popup window which shows a searchable, scrollable view of all your browser windows and tabs.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Quickly and efficiently navigate through your tabs without your fingers ever leaving the keyboard. Find out more on the usage page.

Save & Open Tab Sets

Have a bunch of tabs related to a subject you want to view later? Tabli supports saving and restoring sets of tabs as saved windows.

Privacy Policy

Tabli is free to install and use and the source code is available under a permissive (MIT) license. Tabli runs entirely as an extension in your browser. Tabli does not make any outbound data connections and does not send any data whatsoever to any external application, extension or cloud service.